Cavalier Cavalry Productions

Battletech: A Completely Implausable Game of Armored Combat in an Even More Unlikely 31st Century.

In the 31st Century, man wages war with giant robots. Split into five Great Houses, twenty genetically bred Clans, and numerous smaller factions, they strive for contention across the grand stage of the Inner Sphere. Thousands of worlds are at stake, with the fate of humanity as the ultimate prize.

In Bakersfield, we have waged this war since 1992, each aligning with a different faction and supporting our causes down the years. Recently expanding our player base, we are proud to feature three mercenary units, three Clan factions, two Great Houses, and The Word of Blake. We here are prepared for the Jihad, and if you're in the area we'd like you to drop on by.

We're trying to revamp the once-a-month gaming meet, along with any associated pick up games. With the upcoming release of the 25th Anniversary Box Set, we also plan to run some demos and painting days aside SteamPunkTV at Paladin's Game Castle. Our main gaming days will revolve around the development of Battletech: Generations, the massive Red Array sytle campaign system using the Catalyst Warchest system.

In the Interstellar Geographic Society, we have recreated the Solaris City map, complete with locations. We are also working on planetary maps, done in the style of National Geographic. We hope to have Aberystwyth up shortly, followed by maps in the development of "Crossing Bifrost", the Jihad campaign.