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When we decided to start picking up Aerotech 2 and playing it, we realized two things quickly. One: We didn't really have enough map sheets to play it effectivly and Two: the way the maps were designed made it hard to avoid long periods of tedious zig-zagging. This wasn't much of a bother in Battletech, but it irked us enough to switch to Miniature rules. Tons has been written and displayed for Battletech, but warship combat has been left out in the dark, litterally and figuratively. So we took a look at the major problem facing a game of AT2, vector movement, and to our suprise the solution was a lot easier than we'd dreamed. Now, we share that with you.

In addition, the great campaign of 2006 has been located and uploaded for your use. Operation: Red Array is a simple mission-tree based campaign set in the opening stages of the Word of Blake Jihad.

Finally, for completion's sake, the initial work on the proposed fan book TRO: Aberystwyth Militia and Cavalier Cavalry has been posted. Two helicopters, a patrol car, two naval crusiers, a 'Mech, and a Warship are included in TRO:3058 style in this shelved project.