Miniature Rules

Inter Stellar Geographic Society

On the Classic Battletech forums, which we here really recommend you check out for all your CBT needs, I got involved with the Solaris VII play-by-post role playing game. One of the big problems I noticed whilst lurking about was that no one knew where anything was, except for the one guy who still had a copy of the Solaris City map. Things would hang or get retconned because people just couldn't tell Thor's Sheildhall from the Grateful Burger. Something had to be done.

Enter yours truly. Playing around with layers in Illustrator, and reading about GIS systems in the National Geographic atlas, it struck me that with some careful planning and some scans of old sourcebooks, I could redo these maps and make them even more useful by putting on a guide to locations, street names that could turn off or on, and a decent overview of the sectors. So while Alesthane Garfield was being approved, I took the time to recreate the map.

These are the results.